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This is the new Silent Hill, mysteriously dubbed “PT”, for PS4. It’s a surprise free “teaser” demo meant to get across some concepts that will be used in the main game, so don’t take it as an actual full-fledged demo (it’s a ways off). That said, what a terrifying experience! You go through this L-shaped hallway of this house in a loop. The backdoor leads you back into the front door. Along the way, creepy things begin happening. A radio will go off, urging you to “TURN AROUND NOW”, a baby will cry, lights turn red, writing appears on the wall, a door will slam shut or open on its own, etc. There’s this ghoul along the way, but I won’t spoil her terrifying significance. It gets incredibly unnerving, and to make it even scarier, many of the triggers necessary to move forward appear to be of random order, so walkthroughs will only help so much. Not knowing what is behind the door, why a noise is going off, or what to do next adds to the psychological horror. I can only imagine how horrifying it’ll be if it follows Silent Hill’s formula of otherworlds.

Oh yeah, it’s directed by MGS mastermind Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.

Silent Hill finally seems to be in good hands again!

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My girlfriend and I have come a long way since we first met in January of 2014. I’m so freakin’ proud of her. I truly am. Hopefully this post isn’t too TMI, that’s not my intention, but I feel the information is important to our story and her growth as a young woman.

We made love several nights ago - a romance novel love the likes people dream about, where floodgates of emotion allow you to let any deep thought flow like a river stream. Afterwards, we just looked at each other and said whatever came to mind. I told her how finding her changed the course of my previously empty life. She thanked me, but not for my statement.

She thanked me for “saving” her. I asked her to elaborate, and she proceeded to tell me everything I’ve done for her since we met in January. She said I saved her from her abusive ex and convinced her to fully cut off all communication from him. She said I saved her from getting back into vices, I saved her from wanting to drink all the time, I saved her from self-harm, and that I saved her from hating who she was as a person. She said I made her feel good about herself, and that I made her feel that she has a reason to exist.

I couldn’t hold back my tears, for this is what I dreamed about since we met. My earliest entries about her, if you click my #hashbrown tag, are all about wanting to help her and make her realize her own self-worth. She came from such a dark place. I wanted to get her out of a life path of debauchery and encourage her to have higher standards for herself…to realize she was a worthwhile individual, and that frivolous B.S. like “thigh gaps” and peer pressure are the tools of a morally bankrupt society, nothing more. She’s learned a ton from me at her fragile age, and honestly, I’ve learned a lot from her, too. I learned how important it is to just do different things sometimes. I learned how to be more spontaneous, and most importantly, I learned how to love again, unconditionally. I haven’t been in actual love in roughly 10 complete years.

We are unbelievably close. It’s nothing like it was in March or even April, before she was fully loyal to me and before we were together officially. We have begun writing each other journals to give to one another on our 1-year next May. We write entries based on things we did that day or random gusts of feeling we want to express. The catch is we cannot show each other what we write until the 1-year point. It’s the cutest thing ever, though I cannot credit myself with the idea; it was hers.

I am so, so proud of her. She’s finding that sweet spot of being more grown up while still being youthful at heart.That’s a wonderful place to be. It’s a place I try to inch closer to every day. It’s what I needed her to do to be someone I could one day…well, let’s not talk about that just yet. ;)

I feel like we met at the perfect time in our lives. I don’t believe in fate, but this is the closest I’ve ever been convinced that such a thing exists. I can honestly say that I love her in the most meaningful of ways.

Lake County Fair!



Pink Floyd - Animals (1977)

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The Swapper Coming to PlayStation

The haunting, hit puzzle game is coming to PS3, PS4, and PS Vita this year. Do anything you can to get off of Theseus Station. Alive.

Better yet, it’s CROSSBUY! Meaning I bought it on PS3 for $17 and I’ll get to play it on PS4 at no additional charge. Super excited to finally play this game. The visuals are comprised of actual real-life materials, too.

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